Wardrobe cotton must-haves for the monsoons

by Aalok Khurana on Jun 21, 2022

Wardrobe cotton must-haves for the monsoons - Cotton Village India

To us, monsoons are a time to continue and renew our affair with cotton. But since monsoon wardrobes require to be more intentional to keep the outfits rain-proof, it's necessary to restock on a few essentials. But first, let's discuss why we are fans of cotton outfits during monsoons.

Cotton and monsoons- A comfortable, stylish, and functional affair

While cotton being the number one choice during summers is a no-brainer, cotton is also a smart choice in the rainy season. The lightweight fabric will help you beat the humidity with ease and its super absorbent nature comes in handy as it dries up quickly. Not to forget all the amazing styles that are available in cotton! The cherry on the top is the versatility of this fabric- So be it clothes or bags, you can count on cotton to be your reliable friend during this time of the year.  

Time for a wardrobe rain-check!

Here’s a curated list of some must-haves for the season-

Cotton dresses

Dresses, especially flowy and knee-length ones totally embody the monsoon vibe. They are not only cute but also rescue you from the dreaded-by-everyone roadside rainwater and mud splashes- This totally makes them our go-to pick for the season!

Pro tip: This is a great time to invest in dresses that also double up as Kurtis! Read more about how to choose such versatile pieces and Kurtas here

cotton dresses

cotton dress

Cotton pants

Imagine this: It's raining cats and dogs and you are drenched. Would you rather be wearing denims that would take forever to dry or cotton trousers that would dry up in a jiffy? 

Cotton pants for Kurtis, as trousers, or as palazzos are definite staples during the monsoons. They dry up easily, are not very difficult to maintain, can be washed multiple times, and are extremely comfortable too! Their versatility is a definite plus as you can pair one cotton pant with multiple tops and Kurtis.

cotton pants


cotton pants

Spaghetti tops

We believe that the weather is just perfect to show some skin during monsoons. The humid weather definitely makes one reach for something strappy, sleeveless, and cute. 

The answer: Cotton spaghetti tops! 

They are extremely in these days and totally instagrammable! What's more? These tops can be layered in fun ways and can be experimented with too.

monsoon wear

Pure cotton shirts

Cotton shirts, irrespective of the season, are wardrobe essentials for everyone. However, they come especially handy during the monsoons. They are easy to maintain, dry up quickly, and can be styled in multiple ways. The oversized shirt look is definitely here to stay and monsoons are a great time to flaunt this fashion trend!

cotton shirts

Cotton bags

From being a very practical choice for running everyday errands to being a great addition to outfits on special occasions, cotton bags are definite must-haves all year round! During monsoons, their ease of maintenance and fast-drying capabilities make them a convenient and stylish pick.

Pro tip: Pick cotton bags with an inner lining of a waterproof fabric so your items always stay safe and dry. 

cotton bags

cotton bags

Here is our round-up of all the style essentials you need to stock to look your absolute best while staying all comfy this rainy season. And guess what? You can shop for them all at Cotton Village! With lots of unique options, all created with cotton-laced love, we have you covered.