One cotton shirt, many ways to style: Outfit inspo and ideas

by Aalok Khurana on Aug 17, 2022

One cotton shirt, many ways to style: Outfit inspo and ideas - Cotton Village India

No other piece of clothing is as versatile and staple as a cotton shirt. Doesn't matter if you are in your work or vacay mode- They perfectly fit in! And that's why we are here with some fun ways you can style your cotton shirt and a few must-have recommendations from our collection. 

Experiment with the bottoms

As we said, we love how versatile a good cotton shirt can be. You can just change the bottoms, and voila! You get a different look altogether. While you can never go wrong with cotton shirts paired with trousers, wearing them with different types of skirts, pallazos, shorts, and some loose-fit jeans is also something you can try. 

We are also seeing a rising trend of styling them with joggers and honestly, we love this semi-casual, comfy look!

Here's a block print shirt from our collection that totally passes the vibe check for the shirt+joggers outfit inspo-

Block print shirt

The knot style

Did you know that turning a shirt from work to hangout/party mode can be as easy as tying a knot in the front? 

Style reference:

knot style shirt 

Not just quick and easy, this look is timeless and can also be used to turn your regular shirt into a cropped one! Cool, right?

Here's a block-printed shirt from our collection that's perfect for this look- It strikes the perfect balance between being suitable for work and a fun shirt when paired with shorts, ribbed jeans, or tied in the knot style. 

 block-printed shirt

The shirt jacket!

Sister- If you have not hopped onto the trend of wearing your shirt as a jacket, you are missing out! Laidback but stylish, this look gives an effortlessly put-together vibe. We suggest wearing a crop or bralette top under your shirt jacket to show some skin and add more sass to the whole outfit.

Checkout this half-sleeve shirt with floral prints for this look-

half-sleeve shirt

If you are looking for a full-sleeve shirt for this one, here's another great option!

full-sleeve shirt

P.S: We suggest going a size up for this one for a proper jacket-like look.

Shop from the men's section

Believe us; sometimes you can find pure treasure pieces in the men's section- Especially when it comes to cotton shirts! They are perfect for the oversized look and extremely comfy too. 

You can style these shirts by wearing a cardigan/sweater over them for a more put-together. 

Wearing a corset over an oversized shirt is also a great way to modestly show off those curves!

Here are some shirts from our men's collection you need to check out now-

Block Printed Shirt

Block Print

As you can see, there are many ways to style a cotton shirt and truly slay! Here's your sign to invest in a quality cotton shirt and create all these fun looks. While you are at it, shop for some unique designs from our collection. Exclusive and beautifully detailed, they are a sure-shot recipe to getting tonnes of compliments.