Love Kurtis? Here are all the things you need to look for when buying them

by Aalok Khurana on May 27, 2022

Love Kurtis? Here are all the things you need to look for when buying them - Cotton Village India

No matter what the occasion, Kurtis can always lend a classic charm to your look. From a formal setting to special and big celebrations, they are wardrobe staples that can take on many roles while hitting the style quotient just right. And as passionate designers and creators of such "all-rounder" Kurtis, we are here with a quick tick-off list of all the things you need to look for while buying a new one.

Start with the basics: The fabric!

A wardrobe essential as versatile as Kurtis requires an equally multi-faceted fabric, don't you think?  And that's why we vote cotton! Extremely comfortable and great for all seasons, cotton has a timeless charm to it. The fabric is also native to India and scores really high on durability too. Meaning? Your favourite cotton Kurti can be your go-to pick throughout the year and will also last years!



Comfort is style

The key to looking absolutely stunning and confident? Being extremely comfortable in whatever you wear. The style that a comfortable outfit lends you is hugely underrated and at Cotton Village, we are all about it! That's why we value Kurtis that are comfortable and don't compromise on style either. After all, doesn't it feel great to step out feeling absolutely gorgeous while being at ease and all comfy at the same time?


Crochet Lace Kurti


Versatility for the win!

A Kurti that works for formal as well as casual occasions. Yes!
A Kurti that also doubles up as a dress? For sure!
A versatile wardrobe is a happy wardrobe and the Kurti you pick should definitely tick that box. Kurtis with semi-formal collar designs can easily be worn to work or a casual brunch with your friends. We are also fans of Anarkali Kurtis or Kurtis with no or minimal side slits as they can be worn as dresses and can help you switch from traditional to party mode in seconds.

textured kurti

Three Print Panelled Anarkali

The print matters!

This is a no-brainer, right? It's important to pick prints that not only you love but are also unique and timeless. Floral prints, polka dots, or abstract prints usually hit this sweet spot. Our in-house favourites are specially curated block prints and fun motifs as they can be customised on-demand and are unique too! We also suggest finding prints that particularly flatter your body shape and type. The general rule of thumb is to pick small prints and vertical stripes to decrease volume. So find Kurtis with a print that fulfils your criteria to look all the more stunning.

Hand Stitched Pintucks
Hand Embroidery on Neckline


Zoom into the details

We know- You want your Kurti to be unique. And while the print you go for and the style you pick can help you stand out, it is the details that truly define your outfit. That's why it’s important to look at the way your Kurti's neck, back, sleeves, hem, etc. are designed. Is there a cut that sets it apart? Are they embroidered to perfection? Are there details added to it? The more the intricacies, the better. This reflects thought put into your outfit and adds a more premium edge to it too.



The fitting!

Not to exaggerate but your Kurti should fit you as perfectly as the shoe fits Cinderella! The right fit can make or break your look. And that's why we recommend getting a Kurti that fits you just right. This not only accentuates your body shape in just the right places but also gives you the space to breathe and move. Not to forget all the added confidence that a well-fitted outfit can add to your body language. 

We hope this checklist comes in handy for you the next time you go Kurti shopping! And while you are at it, we definitely recommend you to check out our collection at Cotton Village. With Kurtis that are a huge tick mark on all these criteria, we have picks that you'll definitely love. The cherry on the top? We also have super cute, comfy, and stylish Kurta tops and cotton dresses in store for you- So there's something for everyone here.